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Purpose of Social Media Guidelines

This document summarizes the best practices for TCU pages on social networking sites. These practices address the University’s official presence on social media sites. These guidelines are established via a committee headed up by the Marketing and Communication division and are Cabinet approved.

Social Media Worksheet

Before signing up to join a social media site for your school, college or organization, make sure you have a plan. First, work with a member of TCU’s Marketing and Communication team to see how social media will fit into your overall marketing plan. Expect to discuss these topics:

Administrators: Who will be responsible for posting content and monitoring your site? Avoid having an hourly employee take on responsibility since this can be a job that requires hours beyond 8-5, Monday - Friday.

Goals and Strategies: What do you hope to gain from having a presence in social media? List your goals and the strategies you will use to obtain those goals.

Content: Is there enough content to post at least twice per week? Do you have opportunities to post rich content such as videos and photos? Remember that this is a conversation. Post content that gives your users a chance to give their input.

Audience: Who is your audience and how will they benefit from your social media presence? List your primary audiences. Do you have secondary ones, too? How will you reach out to them initially? Remember, simply setting up a Facebook page isn’t enough - you have to invite people.

Approval: Once you’ve defined your social media goals and strategies, get approval from your dean or supervisor to use social media for your area.

Evaluation: Regularly evaluate your efforts based on the plan you outlined. Many social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) provide metrics that you can use in your evaluation.

Before Starting


It’s a good idea to experience social networking before managing a social networking site. Create a personal account and spend some time learning how these sites work*. Also look at what other colleges or similar groups have done successfully.


Once approval has been given to administer a social networking site on behalf of a TCU school, college or department, contact Amy Peterson x4993 for assistance with strategy and set up. Neeley School staff and faculty should contact Neeley External Relations x6034.


*Personal accounts cannot be used as official TCU sites.