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Examples of Social Media Interactions


Twitter – Customer Service

Responding quickly is imperative on Twitter. Before directing someone to another department, try to find the answer for them. This question was answered the same day within an hour of the original tweet.

Student: @TCU I was wondering if you could tell us what is going on at Colby Hall and how long the window coverings will be up. Thank you so much!
TCU: @Student let me look into this and get back with you.
TCU: @Student The coverings will be taken down tomorrow!
Student: @TCU Thank you very much!

Facebook – Customer Service

A potential student posted a question on Facebook over the weekend. The following is TCU’s response:

Student: How do I check my application online? Whenever I try to sign into the portal and click on “Need a User Name? Click Here” it says that “You are not currently eligible for a TCU username.” I’ve called the Admission office and they keep giving me an ID number and it won’t work.
TCU: I’ll see what I can do to help on Monday when the admissions staff is at work.
TCU: Hi Dillon, I spoke with someone in admissions and they should be contacting you soon to clear up the issue. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.
Student: Thanks, I got the email and now it’s working. Thanks for all the help.

Facebook – Crisis situation

In December 2013, a snow/ice storm hit Fort Worth, but the university remained opened. A comment was posted on the TCU Facebook wall and the University’s official message was used in reply:

Follower: My daughter lives at home in Weatherford! We have freezing fog at this time and Everything in Weatherford as well as Universities in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas are closed tomorrow BUT TCU! The roads are the worst I have ever seen!! Why won’t TCU follow suit!!! Tomorrow is not worth the loss of lives!! The news even states to stay off the roads if you can! Come on TCU, it is not worth the lives that can be lost, cancel school!!!!
TCU: Any student or faculty who does not feel safe coming to campus is encouraged to contact their professor/supervisor to make other arrangements. Please remember, safety first! We don’t want anyone to put themselves in jeopardy.

Facebook – Negative comments

During the holidays, TCU posted a short video of the holiday tree lighting. The video description read: “Happy Holidays from TCU!” Below are some of the comments received from that post.

Follower 1: Hello TCU!!!! It is “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!!!!!!
Follower 2: Texas CHRISTIAN University should be able to say “Merry Christmas!”
Follower 3: I went to TCU and celebrate Hanukkah so I appreciate the Happy Holidays as well.
TCU: We’re addressing all the holidays – including New Year’s and Christmas.
Follower 4: Happy Holidays one and all.