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General Guidelines

  1. Be honest and transparent in all your social media interactions.
  2. Remember that all posted content is available to the public, including media.
  3. Use the University-approved school, college or department logo or wordmark on all social networking sites.
  4. Use the same naming convention across all platforms:
  5. Monitor sites throughout the day, over the weekend and after business hours. (consider the pay implications for and discuss details with a manager before asking a non-exempt employee to monitor after normal business hours)
  6. Post a variety of relevant, valuable and engaging content. Examples include articles, photos, videos, events, and links that refer back to an official TCU web page or social media site.
  7. Content also can be selected from the TCU News and Events site, TCU Magazine, Flickr, or the TCU video library on YouTube.
  8. An administrator or manager must change social networking passwords when an approved social
    networking administrator leaves.
  9. The director of communication is responsible for developing the University's response in a crisis. This response must be used to answer questions related to University crises. In a crisis, the response will be posted on the homepage.
  10. Social networking sites should be kept social. If possible, retweet or share posts from other TCU schools, colleges, or organizations.
  11. Anyone in charge of social media for an official TCU page must adhere to University conduct and policy when operating in such a capacity. ( and
  12. All non-athletic social media accounts should be accessible to the Vice Chancellor of Marketing & Communication, Tracy Syler-Jones, and Social Media Specialist, Amy Peterson. Athletic social media accounts should be accessible to Athletic's Social Media Specialist, Kyle Seay, and Associate Athletics Director for Marketing and Licensing, Drew Martin. In order to share login information for social media please contact Amy Peterson (non-athletic) or Kyle Seay (athletic).
  13. TCU social media accounts should not be used to solicit for entities outside of the University. This includes people, non-profits, and for-profit organizations.