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Moderating Comments


Followers and fans will share their thoughts by commenting on a story, feature, tweet, or post. Encourage lively, thoughtful and civil conversations that stay within the following guidelines:

  1. Comments should be clean and constructive.
  2. Accept the good and the bad, but not the ugly. Swearing, discriminatory or derogatory language should be deleted.
  3. Negative comments should be addressed in a positive and honest manner. Avoid direct arguments with a fan or follower.
  4. Delete solicitors’ comments on official TCU social networking sites.
  5. Monitor sites throughout the day and over the weekend to remove unwanted comments and quickly answer questions.
  6. Post expected guidelines for conversation on social media sites
  7. For more help responding to comments, contact your Office of Strategic Communications account executive at x7810. Neeley School faculty and staff should contact x6034.